Genital Herpes Dating in Boston

It is estimated that 1 out of every 5 American’s has genital herpes. That is frightening. However, hearing those figures should make you feel a little better about your herpes status. Genital herpes dating in Boston is becoming quite popular by the day. Most people who have this condition have never had an outbreak and they may not even know they had one. It is for this reason herpes is the fasted spreading sexually transmitted disease in the United States. But, beyond the disease is the opportunity to date a herpes sufferer.

Thinking about the person that gave you genital herpes could probably make you feel mad. You may think that dating is no longer for you because you are left with a lifelong disease, genital herpes. Of course, you will not be blamed for feeling this way. Having herpes does not mean your life is over and there is no reason why you should not try out dating again.

Herpes dating in Boston is for people who are willing to get their lives back and these people have opportunity of meeting a potential mate with same condition. For some people who are not sure of their status, it is advisable for them to get tested in order to determine if they are a carrier of the disease or not. By getting tested for this sexually transmitted disease, you will be in a position to know whether you need to take precaution if you have the disease before start dating.

Some people have the erroneous notion that if you have genital herpes, then there is something wrong with you and that you should just forget about dating. This should not be so. Many people who are involve in genital herpes dating know that it is possible to find joy again and the condition is not enough reason to wish away from dating.

Granted, many people that got infected with the disease became emotionally devastated at first and they felt like they will no longer be a viable lover. This is a normal feeling. However, with time and as you learn more about your disease, you will soon get over this feeling.

As stated in the opening paragraph, 1 out of every 5 American adults has genital herpes. If you are one of them, you need not think there will be an alternative to regular dating and meeting people. No need to get frustrated because you can take advantage of genital herpes dating in Boston and experience joy.


Do you know how this is affecting my life right now? It’s not, aside from the fact that I’m not going to get laid this weekend because I’m trying not to infect my lover.

Why am I telling you this? Because having an outbreak — my first in a while, as they typically only happen once or twice a year, if that — has made me think about what it was like when I was first diagnosed. All the needless anguish I suffered because we have decided as a culture that herpes is a Horrible Disgusting Thing. So I’m going to tell my little story about it and put it in the herpes tag with the hope that I’ll provide some comfort to others who have herpes — and make those of you who don’t think twice before you crack another herpes joke.

The first time I remember even having any thoughts about herpes was sometime in the 1990s, when I started seeing Valtrex commercials on TV. I remember in particular one shot of a woman riding a bike, a bit of imagery that seemed designed to make you think about her poor diseased crotch. And I remember thinking “Dear god, that must be so horrifying. I’m so glad I’m not one of those people.”

In early 2005 I became one of those people. My ex-husband — who, at the time, was my brand new boyfriend — had the tiny beginnings of a cold sore on his lip. It was barely noticeable, and after sharing a bottle of wine we both somehow forgot it was there. And then we had oral sex. And then, immediately afterward, I said “Oh my god, you just went down on me and you have a cold sore!”

A day or two later, a small blister appeared on my inner labia. I went to the doctor. It was herpes. I got the dreaded Valtrex prescription. My mother, who is always so supportive, told me that no man would ever want me and that my future children would be born blind. I was convinced that my sex life, which had always been so important to me and had been characterized by spontaneity and adventurousness, would now be limited to condom-covered sex with whatever poor chump was willing to expose himself to the risk of my contaminated vagina. I was heartbroken.

Fortunately, one of my friends disclosed to me that she also had herpes, had gotten it the exact same way, and that it had by no means been the end of her sex life. I cannot overstate the importance of that conversation, how it comforted me and made me realize that all the cultural messages we receive about herpes are a bunch of bullshit. If you have a cold sore on your lip you probably don’t think much about it, aside from aesthetic concerns; you avoid kissing people on the mouth or anywhere else until it goes away, and that’s it. Genital herpes is the exact same thing. I’d take a herpes outbreak over a yeast infection or UTI any day. I’m not unclean or a horrible person, I’m just someone with a relatively harmless virus — one that between 65% and 90% of the world’s population also has.

A few months ago a friend and I were observing some douchey teenage boys hitting on some teenage girls and my friend made a crack about one of them having herpes. “Hey,” I said, “Don’t make fun of herpes. I have herpes.” She was shocked, but was also receptive when I took a few minutes to educate her about it. Herpes jokes don’t really bother me personally, but I would love to see an end to them, because they make it so much harder for people who are newly diagnosed. There’s a ton of stigma attached to STIs in general, obviously, but herpes gets a particularly bad rap because you can’t get rid of it. There’s no reason for herpes to be as feared or reviled as it is, though. It’s a minor skin condition. That’s it.

I’ve had to disclose my herpes to a few new partners over the years, including the person I’m seeing now. Everyone has wanted more information, but no one has reacted badly. My current partner and I are making efforts to avoid transmission, but I think he also understands that on the off chance that he were to get it, it wouldn’t really be a big deal anyway. For most people, it’s not. If you do a Google image search for genital herpes, you will get a ton of horrifying photos back that are nothing like what I — or most people with herpes — have experienced. In fact, I just took a look at my lady business in the mirror, and nothing’s even visible; I only know I’m having an outbreak because I noticed the characteristic minor burning sensation yesterday and was subsequently able to feel the bump with my fingers.

So, that’s my herpes story. I hope it helps someone. And I hope that people who don’t have herpes — or who think they don’t — will stop making it out to be the mark of a disgusting Slutty McSlutterson. It’s just something that happens to people — a lot of people — and shouldn’t be nearly as big a deal as it is.

Genital herpes dating advice

For those with genital herpes, good dating advice is essential.

Naturally, once someone discovers that they have genital herpes or some other HPV, one of the first things they do is worry that they’ll never be able to date again.

Genital herpes dating advice

However, after a while many people realise it’s best not to worry too much, as they are not the only one with genital herpes looking for someone to date and love. Throughout the world, there are literally millions of people living with genital herpes, most of whom have the same concerns: how do you find someone special…, that understanding person who may or may not also have genital herpes?

In this age of instant accessibility to almost everywhere else in the world, which offers the ability to immediately connect with other people who may also have genital herpes, then there are a number of options on how to move forward:

  • many people try a genital herpes dating site: once you are ready to move on with your life, on genital herpes dating sites you can meet new friends, partners, lovers or even potential spouses. Most sites also offer more about the causes of genital herpes and/or HPV, plus provide other useful medical information
  • some of the benefits of using a dating site for people with genital herpes include:
  1. it’s possible to contact, anonymously, singles from all over the world who share genital herpes and/or HPV. Irrespective of your race or gender you can start meeting people once you feel you are ready to date again
  2. people with genital herpes can look for and be matched only with others who have a similar virus
  3. there is really no need to worry about rejection and/or heartbreak which could accompany regular dating in cases where you have an unaffected partner and they find out
  4. just because you have genital herpes you don’t have to worry about being rejected or discriminated against by others you meet
  5. almost all genital herpes dating sites offer an exclusive support community and completely confidential dating for people with a similar virus; most also offer safe places where those with the virus can find friendship, understanding, support and, hopefully, love!
  • join a local genital herpes support group: many such groups offer extra-curricular activities such as, perhaps, arranging functions or outings of like-minded people; sometimes they hold events like hiking or barbecue events where people with genital herpes can meet others in a relaxed atmosphere

Having genital herpes doesn’t mean that you have to despair, as there are plenty of other people out there with the same or similar virus and, once you are motivated enough to find them, it’s likely your life will be much more fulfilling!

Genital Herpes dating sites UK

Perhaps the biggest fear of people diagnosed with genital herpes is that they won’t be able to date again. They often wonder who will want to date someone with an incurable STD.Genital Herpes dating sites UK

Yet, given the wonders of the internet and the proliferation in the recent past of genital herpes dating sites, many genital herpes sufferers have been able to date and find love.

To the surprise of some people, herpes dating in the UK is huge, given that there are close to 1 million people in UK living with STDs, as well as an estimated 400 million people worldwide.

Once most people get over the initial concerns about having genital herpes, they realise that life has to go on and, with the almost instant access through smartphones and Apps that people have to copious amounts of information, many start looking for genital herpes dating sites on the internet, both in UK and farther afield.

Enrolling on and using genital herpes dating sites provide a great answer to many people’s concerns, offering a variety of assistance; genital herpes sufferers can:

  • find great support groups to talk about symptoms, treatments and causes of herpes with others who have the same problem
  • find acceptance from others who are non-judgemental and may possibly be going through the same things
  • talk openly to other genital herpes sufferers who have the same experiences
  • seek and date another partner who may have Herpes Simplex 1, 2 or B
  • possibly meet others with genital herpes from other parts of UK, from all races or religions; for example you might meet and date other people with herpes from places such as Aberdeen to Birmingham or from Edinburgh to Manchester

Most genital herpes dating sites in UK are easy to join and offer free initial membership, aiming to provide their users with a comfortable, easy way of communication and private places to meet. These genital herpes dating sites maintain that they can provide a safe place where you can find hope, support, love, friendship, understanding, and more!

Amongst other things, such websites also allow you to get in touch with fellow genital herpes sufferers, browse photos of other members and make contact with those people you really like. By and large, it always helps for people with any kind of health issue to connect with others in order to better deal with everyday adversities and many of the on-line genital herpes dating sites offer the sense of belonging to a real community!

Some popular web sites include:

The best support for People with genital herpes

It’s easy to overreact if you find out you have genital herpes.

The temptation is to keep the news to yourself—to not tell anyone you have genital herpes, just in case they spread the fact around to other people or, equally as badly, they totally misunderstand what the virus is all about.

people with genital herpes

Genital herpes, even in modern times, remains quite misunderstood amongst the general population, although therein lies a paradox. There are literally millions of people living with genital herpes and/or HPV throughout the world, yet the level of awareness and understanding remain low—maybe it’s primarily due to the fact that it’s not a virus that people like to talk about too much.

Still, all in all, for those with genital herpes, it’s usually far better to reach out to others in the same situation so that you can be reassured that you are not alone. Not that it’s easy to get motivated enough to try to do something and many find it very frustrating trying to look for others with the same virus, for support, for counselling or just to share experiences.

However, there are a number of places where people with genital herpes can seek support and these may include:

  • Doctor’s clinics, private clinics or local hospitals: your own doctor or a doctor at your local hospital, in addition to treating your genital herpes, is probably best placed to be able to offer guidance and support of where to find support; alternatively, private clinics now abound and, of course, there is the out-patient department of the local hospital
  • specialised voluntary or charitable organisations: in many towns or cities there are voluntary or other charitable organisations set up to help people with genital herpes or other virus’; details of some of these organisations can be found on the internet, or maybe even at a local library or government type office
  • registered support groups: there may well be a registered support group(s) for people with genital herpes to attend where it will be possible to meet others who also have the virus
  • a genital herpes general information or dating site: there you can learn more about the causes of genital herpes and/or HPV, plus seek other useful medical information. If you are thinking of expanding your network of friends and acquaintances or looking to find someone special by dating someone else with genital herpes or meeting other positive singles, with the aim to finally get to move on with your life, maybe such type of site is ideal

Some of the key benefits of using such a site for people with genital herpes include the facts that you can anonymously contact others from all over the world who share genital herpes and/or HPV and you don’t have to worry about being rejected or discriminated against because you have genital herpes, or any other related disease for that matter, as everyone is in the same situation.

The key message really is don’t feel alone and don’t be afraid to reach out for support—however you prefer to find it. It’s a cliché I know but, really, you are not alone!

How best to avoid contracting genital herpes

Genital herpes remains a virus which is quite misunderstood amongst the general population. There are millions of people living with genital herpes and/or HPV throughout all parts of the world, yet the level of understanding and awareness remain low.contracting genital herpes

Despite there being several ways to combat the genital herpes virus, namely by controlling the symptoms using antiviral medicines, as the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” In order words, do what you can to avoid contracting the virus in the first place.

Yet, that is easier said than done as most people with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) often do not know if their partner has the virus nor do they experience any symptoms of genital herpes when first infected and may, therefore, not know they have the virus.
In fact, symptoms may not appear until months or sometimes years after a person has been exposed to the virus. However, if any symptoms appear after a first infection, this is usually some four to seven days after exposure to the genital herpes virus. The symptoms are usually more severe first time around than in cases of recurrent infections which result as the virus remains in the body and can become active again. The likely rate of recurrence of genital herpes is four to five times in the first two years after first infection. However, over time, it becomes active less frequently and each outbreak becomes less severe.

As genital herpes can be passed to others through intimate sexual contact, it is often referred to as a sexually transmitted disease—and therein lies one of the possible routes to avoiding catching the virus. With a good dose of common sense and some caution thrown in, here are some ways to try and avoid contracting genital herpes:

  • Unprotected sex: avoid unprotected sex at all times, even if possible with your regular partner—this applies to vaginal, anal and oral sex; take precautions such as using a condom or proprietary gels or creams
  • Sexual activity with strangers: clearly, to mitigate the risk of catching genital herpes or other sexually transmitted disease, it’s always wise to know something about your new partner’s sexual history. If you have to have sex with strangers, do your best to verify as much as you can about their sexual health beforehand
  • Sex with people who have or admit to have had genital herpes: as the genital herpes virus remains dormant in the body between spells of flaring up, if your potential partner admits to having or having had genital herpes, learn as much as you can before engaging in sexual relations—and even then, always ‘’cover up”
  • People with evident cold sores: as HSV can affect any mucous membrane (moist lining), such as those found in the mouth, it’s wise to avoid kissing people with evident cold sores

All in all, contracting genital herpes may be unavoidable if you have multiple sexual partners or even are unlucky enough to be with someone who has—but it’s well worth doing your best to reduce your chances of catching the HSV virus which can cause long term chronic conditions.

If you have genital herpes, don’t let it affect your lifestyle

Sometimes, for people with genital herpes, there might be a temptation to cease many of their social activities once they know they have the virus.

you have genital herpes

It’s easy to feel upset, maybe even depressed, at the thought of having the genital herpes virus. Perhaps, and more particularly, the thought of dating with genital herpes can be quite daunting and a myriad of questions or concerns will arise.

Still, it’s best to remain positive as life has to go on and, for those with genital herpes, once they get over the initial concerns or worries, often it’s possible to carry on with their life and lifestyle as usual.

Some suggestions to help those with genital herpes get back into the swing of a “normal” life style include:

  • Research: find out as much as you can about the genital herpes virus, its origins and causes; its symptoms and possible treatments. Research the ways the virus is contracted and which demographics are most likely to be the sufferers; read books, information pamphlets and/or look on various sites on the internet to learn more about the herpes virus
  • Remain optimistic: the symptoms of genital herpes can be in various degrees and often subside over a period of time. Try not to worry too much as, clearly, you are not alone and it is a well established fact that there are literally millions of people living active lives with genital herpes throughout the world
  • carry on with your life as normal: try and avoid becoming fixated on having genital herpes, and cast aside any feelings of guilt or that you are somehow being punished for some misdeed or other (whatever they may be perceived to be)
  • endeavour to meet others for support: in many cities or towns there are charitable organisations or some other voluntary groups set up to help people with genital herpes. Sometimes, there may be meetings for those with genital herpes to attend where it will be possible to meet others with the same complaint
  • find an activity group: often there are social or activity groups which cater to people with genital herpes, perhaps one which arranges functions or outings of like-minded people; these may holds visits to the cinema, to a barbecue or other outdoor activity, where people with genital herpes can meet others in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere
  • genital herpes dating sites: such sites are an invaluable source of contacts and, if you feel you are happy to continue dating or maybe start dating again, try one of the specialised, well known genital herpes dating sites. On such sites you can meet new friends, partners, lovers or even potential spouses, and finally get to move on with your life

In this age of instant accessibility to most places around the world, and the ability to link up with people with who also have genital herpes via the internet or social media, there is no need to despair. Remember, there are plenty of other people out there with genital herpes and once you are motivated enough to find them, it’s likely your life will be back on track and maybe become even more rewarding!